Element Island


We encounter a shadowy figure in a robe who asks us a riddle, which we get right.

What does man love more than life?Fear more than death or mortal strife?What do the poor have, what the rich require,And what contented men desire?What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save,And all men carry to their graves?

The answer is “nothing.”

He explains that having passed the riddle we must only fight one of his minions, and summons a spitting drake and three evil beetles.


We kill the beetles and the drake, upon which a hurricane type storm arises and all of the dead creatures vaporize and are absorbed by Dingle.

We discovered a robe and all of us were rewarded with a +2 to our dominant stat. Ryan got magicky.

We decide that getting the shininess to go away we should retreat and hit up the first dungeon we passed by (Ada’s dungeon). Upon entering the dungeon we are almost immediately engaged in a fight.


The jelly divides into two. We determine that melee is bad, and resort to fire damage to kill the two split jellies (eventually).

Rewards: 7g total, 2 lapis lazuli, 1 ranged weapon.

We also find a craghammer of +1 to hit/+1 dmg.

We heal up! Yay! And turn to the right, and then to the left, whereupon we meet A Door. There is nothing special about this Door. We do hear animal noises from within.

Three WOOOOOLVES. And some rats.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. They all die.

We enter the next room and make camp to sleep. Wheeeeeee.

Everyone gets 450 xp.

Dream Quest 1

Picabo and Ada find themself waking in a dream just outside of a town. The town has one monastery in the middle of the town on a hill. They fly into town so see what is happening. They find townsfolk franticlly searching to a girl, they would only stop long enough to say they where searching for a girl. Picabo and Ada could tell they were not getting with these simple townsfolk so they head to the monastery. On the way there Ada notices in a reflection that she does not look like a teifling. At the monastery ada feels very familiar with the building. While walking through the garden inside they notice a blur, Picabo is able to slow down time and Ada grabs the blur. It turns out to be the girl the townsfolk are looking for. The girl looks at Ada and starts screaming, her screams are so deafing that Picabo passes out while trying to do a backflip, Ada passes out soon after.

They wake in the infirmary with a priest taking care of them. The priest tells them that the girl needs to be protected from a great evil. The priest leaves the room, D. ingle appears as a fat woman in the cot next to Ada. The girl passes the room and Picabo inticed her with candy. They found a demonic book in the library that translated common to demonic, the party teleported to an entrance of a cave where the priest as chanting out of a book. The party watched as the priest was holding back a creature in the cave from coming out. the party imagined different ways of killing the creatures, they found themself fighting Balor and where not able to stop him. Balor headed toward the town with some of the other monsters and started to attack the town. The party tried growing in size transforming into robots to no avail, the monastary was destroyed with the girl inside.

As Ada was leaving the dream she reconized the priest was the priest that raised her when he was younger, the priest never told Ada that these events happened long ago was the reason he took her in and protected her.

Sandra 200exp Brad 200exp Ryan 70exp

Round 2

Day 2 Element Island

We proceed along the path. We come to a cave barred by an iron-like metal door with a diamond insert in the center. After an abortive attempt by Flynn (resulting in sheets of flame), we successfully utilize D’s gemstone to open the door. We block it open with a large log/stone. Inside the cavern there is a second door, with a small pile of possibly-people ashes. It is larger but almost identical to the first. It opens without any extra doodads. There are many small holes in the wall, and Picabo detects several raised plates on the far end. After triggering one with a log, flames burst from all of the holes and incinerate the logs. We throw rocks on the plates until they are all depressed and triggered, then make our way across the room. Flynn detects scuttling noises behind the next door.

Rolas pushes the door open with his javelin. There are four red-and-black beetles in the next room. Ada attacks the left-most with her hammer and a fearsome smite. Rolas attacks the beetle nearest him. The third beetle attacks Ada. Picabo goes to position himself behind the left-most beetle, and Flynn takes a whack at it as well, leaving it bloodied. D. Ingle uses an area effect spell (cold something-something) and leaves the two middle beetles prone. As they get up, Rolas takes a hack at one of them with the javelin, leaving it bloodied (missing limbs and squealing). D. magic missiles the one attacking Ada; it dies with an enfeebling strike. Rolas kills the one attacking him. (Another one died in here somewhere, but I missed it.) The remaining beetle misses with a fire spray. Flynn leaves it bloodied, and Picabo stabs it to death.

We find 3 malachite gems worth 20g each, and a bow and arrow.

In the next hallway we find more enemies. There is a blazing skeleton and a fire beetle. The firey skeleton throws up a fireball at us, dealing some damage. Rolas and Ada attack the beetle with hammer and javelin. D. Ingle fires a magic missile at the skeleton. The beetle attacks Rolas and Ada, dealing damage. Picabo smushes the beetle, dismantling one of its antlers and taking it. (It is still very hot, however.) Ada turns to the skeleton and totally fails to hit it. Rolas heals himself. The skeleton wallops us with some damage again. Picabo is taking some hits from the skeleton, but Ada isn’t within touch range, so expends heals on Rolas and herself instead. Ada and Flynn take a whack at the skeleton again. Etc etc.

In the next hallway there are two rooms. One contains an orb, which D. Ingle touches with the gem. He stops glowing and feels “stronger.” The other room reveals a glowy skeleton and two beetles. We retreat to the hallway and eventually kill all three, although Rolas and D. Ingle take some heavy damage in the process.

EXP: 300

Round 1

The party gathers in the Red Moon Inn; the town magistrate announces that there have been incursions made by goblins, and that the reward for destroying the invading forces is 100gp. We proceed to the armory behind him. The weapons in the armory are lousy. The magistrate may or may not be a jerk. Our party is made up of 12 guards, seven other adventurers, and the five of us. The party proceeds south for approximately three miles. At a fork in the road the forest’s edge comes to meet the road. When we stop at a clearing the Captain announces that we will spend the night here. Picabo volunteered for first watch; Rolas’s second; Flynn is third. Before anyone has a chance to take care of this, one of the adventurers faceplants. A dart has hit him in the neck. Rolas is also hit. The enemies are knocking out the light sources (and also the adventurers). We realize the guards are not being attacked or counterattacking. Picabo is the last down; the dragonkin lightning-breaths and knocks us all out. We wake up in a chamber on a teeny island and we have chests full o’ crap. There is a rope bridge leading to another island. Everybody finds a colored gemstone and Greg finds a map of the island.

Marching order: Ada, Rolas, D. Ingle Berry, Picabo, Flynn.

Upon crossing the rope bridge, we encounter a bugbear. The bugbear is unresponsive. We are about to leave when Ada decides to give it a hug; it sprints along the coast and stops at point 3 on the map, staring out to sea. Rolas, Flynn and Rolas notice something unnatural in the water – too flat to be a thing of nature. It is table-like and has a slot that matches the shape of the tiefling’s gemstone. Ada swims out to the “table” and places the stone in the slot, which opens a mysterious underwater tunnel. I return and we decide against following it, since it’s all too “pat”. We climb the hill and encounter a variety of Little Giant Rats and a decrepit, glowy skellington.

D. Ingle and Ada tackle one of the rats, alternating with splatting and magic missile-ing it. Flynn is being attacked by multiple rats. Killed: Swarm of rats, two giant rats, one skeleton.

exp 160

Let there be light
In the begining

Talendale magicly appears before Ada & Flynn poof

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