Element Island

Round 1

The party gathers in the Red Moon Inn; the town magistrate announces that there have been incursions made by goblins, and that the reward for destroying the invading forces is 100gp. We proceed to the armory behind him. The weapons in the armory are lousy. The magistrate may or may not be a jerk. Our party is made up of 12 guards, seven other adventurers, and the five of us. The party proceeds south for approximately three miles. At a fork in the road the forest’s edge comes to meet the road. When we stop at a clearing the Captain announces that we will spend the night here. Picabo volunteered for first watch; Rolas’s second; Flynn is third. Before anyone has a chance to take care of this, one of the adventurers faceplants. A dart has hit him in the neck. Rolas is also hit. The enemies are knocking out the light sources (and also the adventurers). We realize the guards are not being attacked or counterattacking. Picabo is the last down; the dragonkin lightning-breaths and knocks us all out. We wake up in a chamber on a teeny island and we have chests full o’ crap. There is a rope bridge leading to another island. Everybody finds a colored gemstone and Greg finds a map of the island.

Marching order: Ada, Rolas, D. Ingle Berry, Picabo, Flynn.

Upon crossing the rope bridge, we encounter a bugbear. The bugbear is unresponsive. We are about to leave when Ada decides to give it a hug; it sprints along the coast and stops at point 3 on the map, staring out to sea. Rolas, Flynn and Rolas notice something unnatural in the water – too flat to be a thing of nature. It is table-like and has a slot that matches the shape of the tiefling’s gemstone. Ada swims out to the “table” and places the stone in the slot, which opens a mysterious underwater tunnel. I return and we decide against following it, since it’s all too “pat”. We climb the hill and encounter a variety of Little Giant Rats and a decrepit, glowy skellington.

D. Ingle and Ada tackle one of the rats, alternating with splatting and magic missile-ing it. Flynn is being attacked by multiple rats. Killed: Swarm of rats, two giant rats, one skeleton.

exp 160



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