Ada Bolendam


STR: 15 (+2) CON: 14 (+2) DEX: 10 INT: 10 WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 17 (+3)

HP: 29 – Bloodied: 14. Healing Surge Value: 7; Surges Per Day: 12

AC: 16 FORT: 13 REF: 11 WILL: 14


Skills: -1 Acrobatics (armor penalty -1) 1 Athletics (armor penalty -1) 5 Bluff (Misc: 2) 3 Diplomacy 1 Dungeoneering 6 Endurance (armor penalty -1) 6 Heal 1 Insight 1 Nature 1 Perception 5 Religion

Race Features: Infernal Wrath: use infernal wrath as an encounter power Fire resistance: Resist fire 5+ 1/2 level Blood hunt: +1 on attacks against bloodied foes

Class Features: Channel Divinity: Invoke a channel divinity class feature or other power in encounter Divine Challenge: Use divine challenge as an at-will power/minor action Lay on Hands: Use lay on hands as an at-will power/minor

Feats: Ferocious Rebuke – Push 1 square with infernal wrath

At-Will Powers: Divine Challenge, Lay on hands, Valiant Strike, Enfeebling Strike

Encounter Powers: Infernal Wrath, Divine Mettle, Divine Strength, Fearsome Smite

Daily Powers: Paladin’s Judgment

Weapons: Craghammer (1d10+2), Net (Melee 1d6+2, Ranged 1d6+2), Tail Spike (???)

Languages: Common, Goblin


Ada is outwardly quite a genial person, although she can get… well, a bit “preachy” if you show the slightest interest in matters of faith. She has clearly delineated perceptions of right and wrong. She isn’t dumb, per se, although she is naive in that horrifying, martial way that only paladins ever quite manage.

If she is asked to do something morally ambiguous (or worse, downright illegal), her refusal won’t be due to lack of sensibility or practicality; she simply can’t reconcile moral grey areas with her deep religious conviction that she is hellspawn and will be treated accordingly in the afterlife.

Calm and still; no nervous tics to speak of. She does tend to resort to a book of prayer or religious talismans if she is uncomfortable or aggitated. Smiles frequently, but closed-lipped most of the time.

Ashy skin, like a very pale person rolling around in a pit full of charcoal. Appendages (elbows, fingers, toes, knees, ears, tail) are smudgy and darker. Her tail has a serrated bone spur at the tip that can be used as a weapon. Like all tieflings, she has horns. In her case, about seven inches long, straight and black with ridges – like an oryx. She keeps little cork caps on hers so they don’t accidentally stab a dude. This makes her look quite silly. Brown hair, brown eyes.

“I am from a small town – Shrivenvale. Hardly a town at all, really. The populance exists entirely upon the pittance of the abbey therein. I was born in the town to a madwoman and a defrocked monk. The abbĂ©, I am told, attempted several exorcisms before resigning himself to my existence as a penance to him and his brethren.

I know that the blood of the Devil runs through me, and I will strive unto my death to mitigate that evil that so cursed me and my town at my birth. Only through the light of Pelor shall I and all others who have fallen into shadow be redeemed. Although my own dark birth leaves me without salvation, I pray to Pelor for the strength to enlighten those I meet on the road. I know He shall someday hear and perhaps grant mercy to a creature of sin such as myself.”

Ada Bolendam

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